We are a group of researchers interested in creating and sharing EEG signal processing pipelines with the scientific community. Our primary focus is in creating streamlined pipelines for pre-processing and analysis of EEG recorded during brain stimulation. We are currently developing toolboxes to analyze EEG recorded concurrent with transcranial magnetic stimulation (e.g., TMS-EEG signal processing toolboxes). However, you will occasionally find other types of EEG processing routines (e.g., ERP toolboxes) and customized statistical algorithms for analysis of TMS-EEG and multidimensional EEG datasets on this website as well. You can visit the “Downloads” page for accessing the currently available toolboxes. Toolboxes and algorithms are often accompanied by a tutorial found on the “Tutorials” page. For links or a free pdf of published articles relevant to EEG, and TMS-EEG signal processing you can refer to the “Relevant Literature” page.

To learn more about our team and our ongoing projects, contact the team lead Dr. Faranak Farzan (email: faranak dot farzan at utoronto dot ca) or follow us through University of Toronto/CAMH or Simon Fraser University websites:



Dr. Faranak Farzan